• 5.24 x 7.24 " White Wallet Gummed Diamond Flap 80lb Envelopes
    From $0.28excl. VAT
    Code C03133184
    5.24 x 7.24 " Fleck Kraft Wallet Gummed Plain 74lb Envelopes
    From $0.34excl. VAT
    Code B02133
    5.24 x 7.24 " White Wallet V Flap Gummed Plain 88lb Envelopes
    From $0.37excl. VAT
    Code AS41133
    5.24 x 7.24 " White Hammer Wallet Gummed Plain 91lb Envelopes
    From $0.51excl. VAT
    Code AAH56133
    5.24 x 7.24 " Pale Blue Wallet Gummed Plain 68lb Envelopes
    From $0.30excl. VAT
    Code P15133
    5.24 x 7.24 " White Laid Wallet Gummed Plain 68lb Envelopes
    From $0.49excl. VAT
    Code H08133
    133 x 184 White Fleck-Lined Duolope Gummed V Flap 110gsm
    From $0.26excl. VAT
    Code DUO133F-W
    133x184mm White Hammer Envelopes 100gsm
    From $0.33excl. VAT
    Code R17133

    Welcome to our extensive collection of 133x184mm envelopes, thoughtfully crafted to perfectly accommodate 5x7 inch greeting cards. Whether you're sending heartfelt invitations, joyous announcements, or warm greetings, our range of 5x7 envelopes offers an array of styles and colors to cater to your every need.

    Indulge in the convenience of finding the ideal envelope size for your 5x7 cards, as we stock an impressive variety that combines style with practicality. Our commitment to providing top-quality envelopes means you'll discover options that effortlessly blend aesthetics and functionality, ensuring your correspondence stands out on any recipient's doorstep.

    With a spectrum of colors and styles at your fingertips, you're certain to locate the perfect envelope to complement the tone of your occasion. Whether it's a cheerful celebration, an elegant wedding invitation, or a heartfelt thank-you note, our 133x184mm envelopes harmonise seamlessly with your sentiments.

    Embrace the ease of finding precisely what you're looking for within our dedicated 5x7 envelope range. By catering to the dimensions of 133x184mm, commonly referred to as 5x7 inches, we simplify your search and amplify your options. Seamlessly intertwining practicality, style, and selection, our collection ensures your correspondence is wrapped in the perfect package.